Nikfer Textile is a family owned, operated manufacturer and exporter of Turkish Peshtemal Towels and Garments located in Denizli region of Turkey where world famous Aegean Cotton is produced.Our products are solely manufactured with Turkish cotton. Aegean cotton is long fibered and known for its' high absorbency and durability. Nikfer textile uses different variations of raw materials in their products as well such as bamboo – cotton mix, polyester – cotton mix and produce exceptional fabulous Peshtemal towels and garments. All materials are ecofriendly and plays great role in environmental sustainability. Nikfer Textile products are woven in traditional methods, tassels, fringes are produced by local artisans as some style and technique differences show the different methods in finished products. As a family owned and operated company we offer our customers a wide range of products in hand loomed Peshtemal and garments in many different colors, styles and sizes as well as packaging methods. Within our own lines and designs we also offer our clients assistance with their private lines, designs and embroideries. Peshtemals are used in many different ways, used in traditional, modern and luxury bathroom set ups as peshtemals provide quick drying time and absorbent but also used as a body wrap in SPA's, on the beach or even as a decorative throw in living rooms and back yards by the pool. Our services reach out to wholesalers, retailers, and bigbox store chains but also in boutique hotels as well as spa, sauna and gym centers in Europe, Australia and USA. We provide competitive pricing and take pride in our customer service levels. We put our customers and their needs as a top priority in our mission to serve and go the extra mile to assure the expectations of our customers are met and exceeded. We wish you a wonderful experience and looking forward to hear from you.

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